A Real Gift


My son just turned 6-years old and he seems to be teaching me a thing or two about generosity.

His teacher notified us that Noah gave one of his friends at school a drawing he made and $30.00.

It was his very own cash he’s been saving.

When I asked Noah about the very generous gift, he said he wanted to give his buddy a “Real Gift.”

He also said when he gets more money he wants to give his other friend $1,000.

Wowsers! I want to be his other friend. =D

We had his teacher confiscate the money and it was returned to us.

After having our discussion with him about the good, bad and ugly of giving out large sums of money to his friends, we offered Noah another way to bless his best bud.

We all went to the store so that Noah could select a toy and bag of candy…and he could be a “big boy” and pay the cashier.

Noah was so excited to use his own money that he said to us, “I’m so happy…I feel like a new person.”

And it gets better…a few weeks later his friend invites him on a limo ride and pizza party.

So what can we glean from this?

How many 6-year olds do you know will give away money like that?

How can we bless our friends with a pure heart?

Thank you Noah for being a great example and testimony of God’s love.


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