Saturday Chill Out!


On Saturdays I like to kick back and chillax. I wake up late, eat a good meal, vape my favorite ejuice, and stay home while my wife and kids are at a birthday party. =D

The only agenda I have is to rest and recharge. I keep my day fairly simple but I like to mix things up like ponder on deep issues in life like zombies and Elsa the Snow Queen.

So I watched World War Z and it’s the most intense sci-fi movie I’ve seen to date. Though the characters are super stressed out running for their lives from super fast and strong zombies, it somehow helps me relax…maybe cause zombies are chasing them and not me. =D

Then I’ve been thinking about my daughter’s coming 4th birthday. She loves the movie Frozen and her favorite character is Queen Elsa. Did you know it’s hard to find the Elsa doll? eBay has them for ridiculous prices and all stores have sold out. Well, since I’m super dad, I was able to locate and buy (with free shipping) the Elsa and Anna dolls that when paired “light up and play enchanting music”. Woot!

So why do I mention all of this? #1 It’s okay to take a day off from all the madness and #2 It’s Saturday; enjoy doing what you like before your head falls off…unless you have to work so pick another day to think about zombies and princesses.

Jamie Grace – To Love You Back (Official Lyric Video)


Jamie Grace – Do Life Big (Official Lyric Video)


(End of Transmission)