No Mo Monday Probs


I just love checking my emails because so many people want to give me free money and offer me unique deals to enhance the quality of my life.

All these awesome opportunities are neatly organized in my Spam folder.

I hope you know I’m just joking since these are scams and marketing gimmicks…so don’t click on them!

But it’s not fair that it’s called “SPAM” because I really like eating SPAM, especially with sunny side up eggs with rice and ketchup. Yummy!

And you got to try the SPAM Sushi aka Spam Musubi. I use the same ingredients but change the format to a seaweed burrito.  Yummy!

Okay you’re either thinking these are great ideas or you’re about to hurl all over your computer. Don’t judge! =D

I’m sure I can use this as a spiritual illustration but it’s just one of my random thoughts I wanted to quickly share and move on. =D

If you need a boost through your Monday, check out the below remix by Capital Kings. Enjoy!



(End of Transmission)