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It’s Monday! Want to know the secret to “Checkmate Joy”?

It’s a Monday and for many it’s the most stressful work day. What better way to start and/or finish your day with Proverbs 12 to make wise and sound decisions. Verse 1 states:… Continue reading

It’s Pryday!

Is it just me but it seems like this week went by quickly? Here’s an awesome song to start off your Pryday. Group 1 Crew – Outta Space Love . Don’t forget your… Continue reading

A Lesson in Humbility: “Something Bite His Grap-froot!” & “You Know You’re 2nd Gen Flip or Half Flip When”

I heard of a man who went to use a porta-potty for number 2 and unaware that a black widow spider had crawled into his pants. Can you guess what happened next? Yes-in-deedy,… Continue reading

Are you “Hang-gree”?

Can you guess how many times you open the refrigerator or pantry looking for food or a drink? Maybe a dozen times if you’re at home. Our body tells us to eat or it… Continue reading

T.G.I.F – What does it really mean?

Today is Friday and this Proverb comes to mind: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.” (NLT, Proverbs 17:22) My dad asked me, “Junior, do you… Continue reading

Men’s Prayer Meeting / Bible Study with Manny Pacquiao, Jeremy Lin, Mr. T, and Tim Tebow.

Imagine what a prayer meeting would be like with these men of faith in the same room. Manny Pac-man Linsanity Mr. T Tebow Or what if they were going to meet at your… Continue reading

Kili-Kili Power

Warning: May contain Filipino humor appropriate for all ages. One of my childhood memories is having my cousins (from Long Beach) over the house and we’d joke about our smelly armpits. We’d yell, “Kili-kili… Continue reading

My Son’s Favorite Diet

“A wise man is strong, Yes, a man of knowledge increases strength.” -Proverbs 24:5 Did you hear about the new diet? The program is E-Z! Eat one good meal a week, then all… Continue reading