Tuesday Tunes

When I became a believer, it took awhile for me to let go of all my secular music. I later realized music was more than just a “good beat”. There was power behind… Continue reading

Ding Dong! Who Dat?

I got my own knock-knock joke. Knock! Knock! Who’s there? Cult! Cult who? Is that a Colt 911 Pistol in your hand!  A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, there were two well… Continue reading

We Can Make It!

A BEAUTIFUL PLACE By: Je’kob Hello, Hello out there my friends/ Hello out there my buddies, Hello out there my pals/ Hey, I spit the truth on a dirty mic/ We could heal… Continue reading

Filipino Duck Dynasty!

It’s Friday! Got to love Labor Day and this short work week. If you vote for me as president of the world, I will enact a law redefining the weekend to Saturday, Sunday… Continue reading

Obnoxious or Ok?

I live in the Bible Belt so pretty much everyone is a “christian”, right! So for lunch I went to Wally World to look for some chocolate covered anything. =D Down the isle,… Continue reading

Are You For Real?

Have you ever watched a film or show that made you cry, feel joy or even intense anger and frustration? Why? I was listening to American Family Radio and there was a news… Continue reading

Man In The Mirror

It’s Monday and please don’t hate on me after I share some childhood memories. =D I was 5 (or so) years old and I sported a black & red Michael Jackson jacket, wearing… Continue reading

What do you get when combining Bruce Lee, Manny Pacman, and John The Baptist?

It’s Friday and I’m going to have a little fun with this one. What do you get when combining Bruce Lee, Manny Pacman, and John The Baptist? You get Ravi Zacharias! Who’s that… Continue reading

Tool-Box & Church-Box

What is your favorite tool in the toolbox? Why? Does it make your life easier? Having the right tools can mean a 3-minute fix or the wrong tool can take 3 hours or… Continue reading

Monday Music with Meaning

I love songs that hit the spot in my soul. I’ll crave a song that will have significant meaning and while it’s playing it will penetrated my mind, body and soul, leaving me… Continue reading


Here a song that will get you on your toes and movin’ for Jesus. The title is #LITO which is a Filipino name but it really stands for “Love In The Open.” Enjoy!… Continue reading

Bad Guys & Good Guys

My 5-year old son loves his super heroes. Last night as I was praying with him, he mentioned that satan was a bad guy and angels help people. We had a short discussion… Continue reading