Study Through The Book of Acts – Chapter 1 : Verses 1-5

Have you ever been a witness to murder and in the witness protection program? (Don’t answer that!) Have you ever seen a UFO? (Okay don’t answer that too.) Have you ever eaten at… Continue reading

Study Through The Book of Acts – Prelude

What are some of your favorite TV shows? One of my favorite shows is Pysch. I watched a few episodes in 2006 when it debut but that was it. Recently as I browsed… Continue reading

Inspirational Stories

As a matter of faact, the word “inspirational” comes from Latin, meaning the breath of God or divine influence. Don’t yea love inspirational stories. They bring out strong emotions in us that we don’t… Continue reading

“F” as in Friday (or Fart)

What sound does the letter “F” make? “F” as in Friday or Fart. My son is learning how to read, and if you’re Filipino, it can be quite a feat in sounding out certain… Continue reading

Thursday: Thanksgiving In Tribulation

Have you ever had a conversation with a negative Nelly? Yep they can be a kill joy. How about watching the news and all they reported was death and destruction? If you’re feeling… Continue reading


I’ve heard of TGIF but not TGIM. Thank God It’s Monday, really? Can we be thankful for Mondays especially if we dread being at work or school? I think so….But TGIM can also mean… Continue reading

Nose Kisses

This morning before leaving to work, my 4-year old son stops me. This was after I already kissed my family goodbye at least twice. “Daddy, I forgot something to tell you,” he said.… Continue reading

Cute Aggression (You know you’re Filipino when….)

I was reading an article that referenced a Filipino word that I’ve never heard before which has no English equivalent. The word for today is gigli.  Gigli: “The urge to pinch or squeeze something… Continue reading


Congrats you made it to Friday. It’s time to celebrate! Group 1 Crew – Live It Up (Official Video) . “Let’s Go” Victory World Music feat. Montell Jordan . Je’kob – “John316” Lyric… Continue reading

Psst Hoy…Just a reminder!

Do you know that you were wonderfully and fearfully made? (Psa 139:14) Wonderfully Made – Seed Family Worship . Do you know that as a child of God you are a new creation?… Continue reading

The Marshmallow Test

You’ll get a good laugh at this video: As a kid, I don’t remember liking marshmallows and I’m almost certain that if you left me in a room by myself, I’d probably cry… Continue reading


I’ve got a gig where I’m on-call all the time. When there is an emergency, they call me for help and it’s usually in the middle of the night. I can ignore the calls… Continue reading