The Amazing End Times Prophecy

Last week, my wife and I saw the Marvel film – Amazing Spiderman. In a previous post I promised to post a topic on End Times prophecy. Prophecy is one of my favorite… Continue reading

GPS (Geographic Filipino System)

This has got to be the funniest of the HappySlip skits. =) After watching the above comedy, I’m developing a principle that I call – Filipino’s Free-Wheel. This principle is about control and… Continue reading

Marriage Advice: Tap Out To The Spouse – Have A Happy House!

If you’re not married, you can skip this post, however if you’re thinking about marriage or in the process, you may want to save this post in your Favorites or even print it… Continue reading

Your Love – The Ambassador

A brother in Christ introduced me to an artist named The Ambassador (Thanks Ron). I usually play it when I’m at the gym since it got a good beat. But today one of… Continue reading

GRACE Is like….

When I think of GRACE, it reminds me of the Peter Pan film – HOOK when the kids are about to eat their invisible food. Kids: [sits at the dinner table and clasps hands together… Continue reading

Bot Boxing Beatdown

I’ve always been intrigued by remote control “anything” especially if it’s got four wheels or wings. I enjoyed many hours playing with my RC off-road car until a “real” car ran it over.… Continue reading

Doing What’s Right – Dealing With Depression (5 of 5)

I received a text from my wife about my son (4-years old): “Noah said he dreamed about Jesus again. He said Jesus helped him from the bad guys.” My reply back is that… Continue reading

Mix-Mix Master Chef – You Can Trust Me!

My dad is a very creative cook. He’d make my sister and I many “on the fly” concoctions to eat. I call it the “No Left Overs – Left Behind” style of cooking. =) Just… Continue reading

More Manny Mayhem

I love this quote by Henry Varley: “The world has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in a man who is fully and wholly consecrated to… Continue reading

Manny Pacman is a “Bible-Quoting Maniac”

Saturday evening, I was in a packed house of Filipinos who only wanted to watch the main event. While the other fights were going on, they karaoked…. and I methodically planned how I was… Continue reading

Dream Of God & Giant Love

This morning while having breakfast, my son (4-yrs old) told me that he had a good dream. He dreamt of God. He said Jesus was praying for all of Shreveport. Jesus was going… Continue reading

Collage – The Katinas

My family enjoyed the concert on Saturday night at the Shreveport Community Church. The Katinas knows how to bring it! My kids love watching their live concert on DVD. As a matter of… Continue reading